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Shinyin was established in 1954 and accumulated almost 60 years experiences of manufacturing machines.

In order to satisfy the necessary of industry, Shinyin augments its facilities continuously, introduces high precision processing machinery from developed countries, brings in computerized assist design methods, systematizes production and quality control.

Shinyin assures to provide all kinds of machine with much reliable, high effective, high capacity and will make a greater profit to the maker.

Shinyin is also capable for projecting whole plant, through design, manufacturing, preerection to installation. Shinyin machine have own a good reputation in Taiwan, South East Asia, Mid South America and even worldwide.

Shinyin has been contributing its perfect service to customers with sincerity, responsibility and best efforts in the past sixty years. And it’s longing for the continuous support and encouragement from whatever the occupation.

Quality CertificationISO 9001:2008  
SGS Certification


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