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Shinyin was established in 1954


Shinyin was established in 1954. We are expert in paper, steel, plastic, rubber, chemical, complex material machine making. For continually improve, Shinyin introduce state-of-the-art precise processing machine and computer supplementary equipment to satisfy our customer’s requirements.


Shinyin establish the TQM system to provide our customers with high efficiency, property and quality of machine. Assist customer to generate the maximum profit.


Since we have accumulate know-now experiences. Our company consists plan, design, manufacture, installation and test run skill and ability. Each processing is both through strict testing from design, machine, assembly, painting to shipment. Each product has quality assurance and perfect after-sales service. We obtain reliance from our customer around the world.


Shinyin holds machine quality and customer needs as first believe. We are continuing research, development and innovating. We have pursued the most satisfactory production for custom’s requirement.



Quality CertificationISO 9001:2008SGS Certification




          Paper Relative Machine

          Steel Turnkey Equipment

          Pulp Preparation Equipment

          Leveler Line

          Fourdrinier Paper Machines

          Slitter Line

          AP Type Tissue Paper Machine

          Tension Cleaning Line

          Calender & Rewinder

          Cold Mill Line

          High Speed Rewinder




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